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May, 2017 I won a Green Card via DV Lottery. We have 3 members of family and everybody should get own visa.
April, 2018 We passed interview in US Consulate (in Czech Republic) and got visas valid for 6 months for 3 family members.
June-18 Entered into USA for investigations (1 month tourist's tour around different states and cities). In Czech Republic I had emplyee visa and used my vacation for this time.
July, 2018 2 Green Cards were received. One is not. Tracking number of third one shows it as delivered.
July, 2018 In several days I have complained to USPS. And they closed case without any explanations.
July, 2018 USA were investigated by us for month. We returned to Czech Republic.
July-August, 2018 Secondary complained to USPS. Do not remember how it happened, but looks like we have got 2 branches of USPS events. First branch was "denied" in one day. Second branch got status "in investigations". From this date they sent me email every month with content like "We are trying to search, but nothing found yet."
September, 2018 We decided about prefered location in USA to move for constant life (MA, NH, VT, ME, CT states). But we cannot enter anymore because daughter did not have Green card and temporary visa was already expired.
September, 2018 I-90 form was filled on USCIS for Green card replacement instead of not-delivered one. In best case it will be to provide some confimration from USPS, but we did not have any except "trying to search, but nothing found". USCIS site describes it easy - it happens sometime, do not worry... ;-)
September, 2018 Biometric interview assigned by USCIS. But it was impossible to provide in Czech Republic or countries around. It must be in New York city and no possibility to change location. But we cannot enter to USA due to expired visa, as described above.
October-November, 2018 USCIS online consultant provided information what we can get temporary entry permit for daughter. It will be valid for 1 month and one-time entry to USA. We paid $575 (now it is even more expansive) for it and got in Frankfurt on Main (Germany). As we found, Czech Consulate does not provide this type of service.
November, 2018 Flat contract and job contract were interrupted without necessary 2-month notifications (not best case really). Flight tickets bought (not cheapest one because not so much choice if you do not have big time range).
December 5, 2018 Entered into USA for constant life. Rented condo in Acton, MA for first time. Used rented car first time. Started to search job and car to buy.
December 11, 2018 Biometric interview was provided with explanation what daughter never got Green Card. Everything was easy and we were sure, it will be produced again. It is just half of plastic, isn't it? But as later found, it was declined.
December, 2018 Rented car had mileage limit and we used it for several days for job interviews and car searches. It was necessary to go to NY city for biometric interview and I decided to use it for that. Mileage limit was overused for about $500 paid just for it and toll roads.
September, 2018 - February, 2019 In parallel we got monthly notifications from USPS like "we are searching, bit your Green card was not found yet". And then in February 2018 this case was closed by USPS finally. And removed from system. No case = no problem.
January, 2019 We filled I-90 form again (NH USCIS), provided biometric interview and explained what Green Card was never delivered by us.
January, 2019 To avoid possible usage of our Green card by some person, I reported about it to police. I thought they will be interested to fix problem in system (communication between USPS and USCIS, improvements of USPS service, improvement of USCIS service) but nothing happened yet. Probably investigation is in progress.
January, 2019 Because my English not so good, I asked collegues for help. They tried to contact with USPS, but no success. We were redirected to some person from Brooklyn office, but he never answered. Other collegue investigated USPS site under my account deeper and found by some tricky way (just entered complaint's address in browser's address line) what my second complain was accepted and paid (!!!). But how it possible? It was declined on 7/25/2018. And no any notification what it was reopened and approved. And why USPS continued to send monthly messages "we are trying to search, but nothing found"?
February, 2019 I have printed approval from USPS and provided it to USCIS personally and in electronic format (attached to I-90 request). From my understanding it is comprehensive explanation what Green Card was lost by USPS, so it was never delivered to us and it should be produced again and it should be produced for free as it is described on USCIS site.
May 13, 2019 Funny, but application was declined by USCIC again with explanation like "There is not enough proofs"... Probably they expected call from President? ;-)
May 13, 2019 I was really frustrated. But then, due to my previous experience from Ukraine I remembered about Ombudsman. Found him and asked for help. He is there
May 17, 2019 Ombudsman contacted USCIS and problem was solved in several days. We have got daughter Green Card finally :-)
Additional note. I was really frustrated when USCIS declined our last application and did not know what to do. I already borrowed money for relocation to USA, we were in really hard situation because landlords usually asking for security deposit and 2 monthly payments, but I did not have so much. Job was recently started, our money spent for car purchase and rent via AirBnb. Unfortunately it was end of year when we entered to USA and companies do not accept new employees almost. We moved from MA (car was registered there firstly and tax paid), then moved to NH (with car re-registration there, technical inspection, titles, plates). So, we were out of money and in debt already. We did not ask for any help from government or any organizations. And USCIS asked for more money like we lost card! Fortunately situation was solved and I would like to say big thanks to my boss, Bill Marella who loaned me money for security deposit and found friend's house with month-by-month payment model. One more big thanks to Paul Lagasse, who found that tricky USPS page with lose confirmation. So, our case finished, but system is not fixed. If someone have or had looks like problem, please let me know via email. We can ask advocate to represent us in court and maybe (I hope) win a deal and return lost money. And it will lead USCIS/USPS to improve their services and avoid problem in future. Government services mean USA and it is just first impression of new Americans. It should be not so worst, yeah?
Serhii Havrylenko I have experinced this problem and found way to solve it. Email of mine is I looking for people who experienced same problem with USPS/USCIS/Green Card and would like to investigate if my case was just exceptional or it is more common. Comments are welcome on Facebook page.
Newspaper reporter, Hadley Barndollar Reporter from Hadley made own investigations and understood problem in details. Now she preparing page for publication in newspaper and online media. Hadley found person with same problem and refered me to senator Jeanne Shaheen who interested in case and I hope able to help to improve system. Her email is:
Senator of NH state, Jeanne Shaheen I recently asked Jeanne Shaheen if she able to help to improve system to avoid described above problem in future. Waiting for answer. Her contact info:
Office of Senator Shaheen
2 Wall Street, Suite 220
Manchester, NH, 03101, USA 603-647-7500
Email of assistant Cara Wry:
Progress (after June, 2019)
July, 2019 Letizia Ortiz, assistant of Senator Jeanne Shaheen contacted with USPS and found what $105.42 (approved by USPS as insurance fee for their lose) should be paid to me :-) and looks like USPS somewhen provided check and sent to me, but it was not delivered. No way to verify, but they asked about request to reissue check and it was sent. Waiting for money...
July, 21, 2019 Our story, created by reporter Hadley Barndollar was published in newspaper and online media. It is there and there is possibility to contact Hadley via Google-forms document. If you had/have similar experiense, please let her know.